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Business Management System DNA as an intangible fixed asset of the company, where corporate DNA – processes, responsibility, knowledge, know-how, KPIs, organisational culture and strategy – is codified and used for sustainable business growth and development


Train and develop
competences through
courses and trainings
on process management,
operations management,
lean thinking, change management


Set of tools for process
modelling, analysis and definition
of functional and technical
requirements for ERP, AI or
other IT applications implementation into
organisation processes


Business procedures and processes, knowledge on how to provide high-quality product or service is a corporate competitive advantage. Employees gather it over the years with working experience, and it is of importance to codify it into a physical form for a company to keep unique knowledge. It exists in the heads of specialists and managers. Even if the procedures are documented, there is a risk that documents do not capture this knowledge.

This asset is called corporate DNA, meaning codified organisational culture and strategy. Lean Digital presents a logical approach how to save and preserve this uniqueness of a company and turn it into a physical asset. We create BMS DNA® as a procedural Business Management System that can help you understand what you can and can’t do, and how to become agile and save authenticity in a changing world.

What is the value?

BMS DNA® , as codified experiential knowledge, represents a system of management processes and makes them clear to every single employee and a manager. 

In term of business development, it enables:

  • To expand, merge or sell business
  • To find right processes to outsource 
  • To increase corporate asset
  • To go digital
  • To save knowledge
  • To make a base for cybersecurity
  • Expand a view on your business
  • Connect strategy with operations
  • Reduce management levels
  • Data-fy – view your business management system as a data
  • Value business knowhow

BMS DNA® Methodology